Monday, August 11, 2008

What's Been Happening

I've got a busy week ahead...

My niece is here and we had to order a bed for her, which will arrive later in the week.

Tomorrow MissyP will have an orientation gathering for her new school and then Wednesday is her first full day of school.

The college girls are getting themselves ready for their first day of school, which is next Monday.

And I am organizing my scrap goodies... in between doing laundry, getting school supplies put together, styling hair and sorting thru makeup...because on Friday, I am going to Palm Springs, CA for a scrapbooking retreat! I am so excited. I know I will be very productive. I wanted to make my Christmas cards there, but I have not found a stamp set that I like yet. So, I will work on a traditional album and make a few cards for my stash.

My MIL will arrive on Thursday because we are going on the retreat together.

I have goodies to post, but I can't make any promises as this week really is loaded.

Thanks for visiting today. Have a good one!


Jenn said...

Wow, you sound super, super busy!!! :D I loved getting school supplies when I was a kid getting ready for school, not I just peruse the isles looking at all the cool stuff they have now! :D Have FUN on your retreat, sound great and I hope you get alot accomplished!!! :D

Maricar said...

Enjoy your trip to Palm Springs. I'm jealous. Completely jealous.