Friday, March 26, 2021

Stamp Joy! Crafting with Taylored Expressions

Hello, Friends! 

Happy Friday! Congratulations! We made it through another week. This past week has been a rough one. I had every intention of coming back and sharing some of the wonderful cards that I created during the Crop & Create Card Event but I had some issues come up and I was not able to do what I had planned. I will share soon, though!


But in the meantime...TODAY is the start of Stamp Joy with Taylored Expressions. I am soooo excited for this! I've done a reset in The Hive and it's all ready for another fun virtual card crafting event. I'll be honest...last weekend left me exhausted and overwhelmed! There were sooo many projects and sooo much information shared. It was a good thing, but I was wiped out by Sunday evening! This event runs two days and there aren't as many things going on so, I hope that I can handle things much better. LoL!'s a look at The Hive reset. Click on the image to enlarge it. Hey! Can any of you spot a card you sent me on my Card Board?😁 I keep each and every card that I receive and I swap them out seasonally. It was a rainy day yesterday when I snapped this photo. The Hive has two good sized windows and is usually flooded with sunlight.

Just want to bring to your attention, the little Taylored Expressions box in my sidebar. If you would like to shop with TE, click through to the website from that graphic and you'll save five bucks on your order. Pretty cool, huh?👍

That's it from me for now. I hope you all have a relaxing weekend. Until next time...





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Jeanne said...

Oh Barb! How fun, another virtual event. Yay! Only, I hope you don't get overwhemed. Fun is good, overwhelmed, not so much. ;) Pace yourself and step back if you need a breather. :) I'm going to be taking Jenn Shurkus's Bubbles of Fun class on Saturday. Should be fun. I just love your set up of the hive. I especially love your long table. I'll bet though, once you get to creating, all take space gets taken up and you have about a 6 inch square of open space to work in. That's what always happens to me! LOL Have fun, my friend. Hugs!