Saturday, December 1, 2007

What's Been Going On...

Well, we do have a Praise Report regarding Marcus' job. He still has one! His position did not change too much and he was actually given a promotion of sorts, so we thank God for His faithfulness! Thank you to all of you who joined us in prayer, special shout out to my girl, Yvonne, YOU are the woman! You continue to amaze me because you GET me! Happy Birthday to you, too!

We enjoyed Thanksgiving at Millie and Joe's. Let me just say right off, the food was DELICIOUS!! Millie brines her turkey, hmmm....has someone been watching 'Miss Martha'? LOL Anyway, the turkey was moist and very yummy! Uncle Joe's smashed, cheesy potatoes were a hit with the girls, and I made a little pig of myself on Millie's macaroni with 4 cheeses. Mom and I brought veggies. Mom's squash dish was also very tasty.

I don't have many new scrap pages to offer, as I've been working on Christmas gifts and getting the girls school work together for end of the semester conferences and such. Speaking of school...Victoria, my awesome writer, took First Place in an essay contest for our district. The paper was on Respect, she chose to write about Rosa Parks. Her paper was selected from all entries at her school site to be entered into the big district contest, where she won First Place out of 700 students! We are so proud of her! I didn't get a chance to scrap those photos yet, but I have included one with her and the trophy!

When the girls were younger we would take the entire month of December off to really savor the season...we would decorate the house, play Christmas music and sing. We would bake cookies and banana nut bread to give to the neighbors. We would take walks to collect pinecones to display in baskets around the house. Lovely memories! And before Marcus and I got married and had children, he would take me to Disneyland every year at Christmas Time...we loved being outside at night in the crisp, cold air and to me, it wasn't Christmas unless I got to see the Disneyland Christmas Parade! Wonderful memories! The point of me sharing this with you? Life is short...take a moment this Season to reflect on some of your precious memories, laugh, cry, share. THEN...make some new ones!

Enjoy this special Season with your family and friends...God Bless you all and we wish you a very special and memorable Merry Christmas! See you next month!

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