Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Winter. One of my favorite seasons, time for cozy fires, big, warm blankets and hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream. We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with our family. Christmas dinner was at our home and we were blessed with lots of family in attendance. The food was yummy, the fellowship even better.

This month there will be few new scrapbook pages because the month of December kept me busy making calendars for the family. You can see some of those pages below. Do check back next month, hopefully, I will be able to create a page or two.

The calendar was made from kits and templates created by Simply Sarah and her team.

We have started our second sememster. Both of the girls finished strong last semester. Victoria got all A's and Missy P got five A's and one B. Pretty good, considering she is a 6th grader working on a 7th/8th grade level. The funny thing about the girls and school, they just really don't like it! They both attend a charter, where they go on site a few days a week, the other days they are homeschooled. They like the homeschool part just fine, I think it has to do with being able to have school in their jammies! :-)

It is official, my laptop is a goner. It wasn't a virus after all, but an internal issue with the motherboard. I had my sad day and now I'm moving on. I will contact Toshiba to see how they can make it better. I'm hopeful. Ok...

Check back...I really do try to post monthly.

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