Wednesday, February 6, 2008

You Can Always Count on God!

Victoria had an opportunity to participate in "History Day" at her school. The participants were given a topic, hers was The Treaty of Versailles, and they were to research the topic and put together a visual and oral presentation, which would be viewed and judged by a panel of teachers and staff. This was a competition event and anyone who knows Vic well, knows she is not one for competition. She kept telling me over and over, I really don't want to win this. I said ok, with a smile, because all the while I was praying for just the opposite. On History Day, she was prepared; armed with a laptop, her Power Point presentation, her beautiful smile and Momma's prayers. All went well, she told me afterward. She was glad it was over and still saying she did not want to win. But God...had other plans. The next day at school the winners were announced. Victoria's buddy Myles took second and you guessed it...Victoria won First Place and was invited to present her project to an even larger audience where the prize is a scholarship! Guess who's praying now?

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