Saturday, March 1, 2008

I Love My Town!

I really do. Our town is situated between two beautiful lakes, that have marvelous mountains and hills as their backdrop. We have a quaint little Main Street, where everything is old. Strolling down Main Street in the Spring is just lovely. The trees there are covered in either white or pink blossoms and the restaurants have tables set up for dining al fresco. There is a really good ice cream store on Main Street, where you can still get a good sized cone for a buck! There are many Antiques, clothing and specialty stores, as well. Once a month, the town hosts a Street Faire where local farmers sell their produce and flowers and various other vendors display their wares. Don't misunderstand though. This is not "Mayberry". We do have large chain grocery and retail stores, myriad restaurants, entertainment venues, etc. I just really like and appreciate the 'small town' feel of this place. Perhaps one day I will share how we came to live here...

I love watching the seasons change around my house and from each window, I enjoy a different view. Oh, everything from tall trees, to our Club House, to my neighbors lush landscaping, to snow caps, to flower covered hillsides and in late Autumn, early winter, when the trees go dormant, I can get a peek at the lake. My favorite views are from my bedroom watching the red tailed hawks gliding by, or if I'm up late, I might catch a glimpse of a white owl at night and some mornings I am awakened by the ducks enjoying our swimming pool! This morning, I opened my curtains to a gentle rain, it smelled wonderful outside! I let Max out and just stood there taking in deep breaths of fresh air. Winter is almost over here. A lot of the trees are in bud, some are already getting their Spring greens, there are even a few flowers blooming. Soon, I will be able to open my windows and let in the sweet fragrance of jasmine that comes to visit me from my neighbors yard, along with the heady perfume of the roses in my own garden.

Sometimes, we lose focus of the 'little' things, because we get so 'busy' with life. Take a moment to look around your town, your neighborhood, your home, view them all with the fresh eyes of Spring. I am sure you will find something delightful you may have missed! Be Blessed!

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Jeanne said...

What a lovely commentary about your hometown. Ü Thanks so much for sharing it.