Monday, April 7, 2008

Photography by Patricia

We have some amazing landscapes around our home. Sometimes we breeze right past them without noticing, and sometimes the sights are so beautiful, they demand our attention. That was the case with these trees. Now, we've been living here for almost 8 years and the trees are mature so they have here been all the time but, something was different this year and Patricia and I noticed these 'snowball trees' all around our neighborhood. We knew we had to 'capture the moment.' Armed with cameras, we set out to see just how beautiful these trees really were. I want to share with by my eleven year old, Patricia.

I got so engrossed in watching her composing her shots, that I started taking pictures of her, taking pictures! She took her assignment very seriously. She got in all sorts of positions to capture these shots.

I love this one of the empty nest. Soon these trees will loose their blossoms and fill in with their spring greens and the nest will once again be hidden from view. During the entire photoshoot, we were serenaded by hundreds of bees enjoying the sweetness of the blooms.

I have to make a layout with these photos... tomorrow.

Thanks for looking!

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Maricar said...

Wow. Those are some beautiful pictures!