Monday, April 21, 2008

What A Weekend!

We started off Friday, with Vic's Prom and we've been going ever since! We got her all squared away at her best friends house, where we took waaaay too many photos. Then My Man, P. and I went out for dinner. My Man was in a very productive mood this weekend and insisted that we, I mean invited us to work in the yard with him. ;-) And that is what we did ALL weekend long. Our pool 'opening day' is May 1st. We have several patios and they all needed to be swept. Patio furniture needed to be cleaned and arranged. Flower beds needed to be weeded and new plants added. It's a lot of work, but once it's completed it sure is nice!

Today being Monday, everything is settling down a bit. I have two major projects that are requiring my attention, so I may not be able to 'play' as much. I am making the graduation announcements and invitations for Vic's ceremony. And then I've got a big Mother's Day project to work on as well.

Anyhoot...The Prom was a big success and Vic had a great time. I have more photos than I care to count, so after I sort thru them all I will make a layout to share. Meanwhile, here is one photo for you to see. She looks so grown up with her hair done!

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