Thursday, May 22, 2008

Queen Lee @ Christmas 2007

Lee usually comes to our house a few days before Christmas, because I am a lunatic and always over schedule myself to help me get things in order. Each Christmas holds it's special memories, but this Christmas morning is especially memorable. Lee presented me with my gift. She handed me a beautifully wrapped, flat rectangular box. Now, I was expecting my favorite fragrance and I knew it could NOT be in that box. So, I carefully opened the package, when I saw the name Depp in the corner, I took off running thru house, screaming and laughing, so much so that I had to run outside and calm myself! If you've read my blog at all, you know that I am a HUGE J. Depp fan. It was a video of a one on one interview that was on the Biography channel. I tell this story because I know Lee got a big kick out of my response. It was so not me. And just mentioning it now, gets her laughing.

Click on photo for credits.

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Anonymous said...

FUNNY story! Thanks for sharing it. Love the glitter.