Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Layouts

Thought I would share a few layouts... It has been a busy, busy weekend and I am pooped! On Saturday, My Man and I went on a 'man date'. We went to dinner and a movie...we saw Iron Man.'s Father's Day weekend, so I went to see a 'guy flick' and actually enjoyed it. On Sunday, PrincessP prepared breakfast for her dad...french toast, potato pancakes, fresh spinach omelet, bacon and juice. We went to Church and then out for a late lunch. Because it was 103 degrees at our house, we went for a swim. We grabbed a very light dinner and PrincessP made a lovely cheesecake for our dessert. I hope that everyone had a relaxing and memorable Father's Day.

My Man really is a great daddy and our daughters LOVE him to pieces! He does so much for those girls-and me too-we appreciate him every chance we get. He is so involved in their lives, everything from taking them to dance classes, to playing board or Wii games, to taking them shopping for clothes. He is also very good with teaching the girls 'life skills'. He's a good guy, a real keeper! We are very blessed to have him.

Click on photos for credits.

My Man is a HUGE Lakers fan. So we let him watch the game this evening in peace, without many interruptions. I am SO glad they won! He gets a bit grumpy when they lose. Go Lakers!

Thank you for visiting me today!


Maricar said...

You're putting me to shame Barb, scrapping today's photos today. :) Looks like you have one spoiled man -- hah!

Jeanne said...

I'm envious that you got to actually scrap today! I really enjoy your sharing on your blog. Sounds like you have a terrific family and much to feel blessed about-except that heat!

Have a wonderful day!

Risa said...

Barb your layouts are awesome!!!!

stampmonkey said...

What a great LO, Barb! Looks like you and your girls are very blessed indeed. ;)