Monday, June 2, 2008

Inspiration Award

I was honored with the Arte Y Pico award by my blog friend, MARICAR! This award is given to someone who inspires you in your creative endeavors. I really am honored, because Maricar has inspired me on several occasions.

The rules appear on the original blog and they are in Spanish. Here is a rough English translation for you. The main requirement is to award five people who inspire me. This is very difficult to do, because I am inspired by many people, in many ways. But, I will narrow it down to this wonderful group of people who inspire me to 'think outside the box' and try new things...

Debbie from Thinking Inking really is my biggest inspiration. Not only is she creative and a master card designer, she is also a very nice lady, who gives me encouraging words. Her card art is amazing, if you haven't been to her blog...go there now.

Jeanne from Creative Bliss. I love Jeanne's style and her willingness to share what she knows with all of us. I have learned so much while visiting her blog. She also shares lots of great gift ideas!

Christi from Blessings on Paper. Love, love, love this site! Christi not only creates beautiful cards, she also shares wonderful family life stories that are entertaining reading.

Kurtis from Stampin Kub. I love his style. Very clean lines. Very classy and understated. He creates cards that are beautiful and timeless. He has very informative tutorials on his blog, as well.

Nichole from Capture the Moment. Nichole's designs are simply beautiful. I love the fact that she usually creates her own background papers using the marvelous stamps from Papertrey Ink. There is always something to learn on Nichole's blog and her clear and concise instructions, make re-creating her designs a snap!

There are so many others I would like to name...because I really am inspired by so many of you!

Thank you, Maricar for the award...I'm doin' the happy dance! :-)



stampmonkey said...

Wow, Barb! First, congrats on receiving this award -- your work and your blog are definitely inspiring!

Second, thank you for thinking of me for this award. Your sweet words really touched me. I haven't ever received an award and so I'm clueless as to how to go about 'accepting' it. lol Got any tips for me? ;)

Jeanne said...

Barb! You are just too sweet!
Thank you so much for the award! I'm so very flattered to know that you are inspired by what I share. :o)

I know I don't comment near often enough, but your blog is such a happy spot, I thoroughly enjoy visiting!

Have a wonderful day and thanks again!

Risa said...

Congrats on your award!!

Debbie Olson said...

Awww, Barb! Thanks so much! You do beautiful work and totally deserved that award!