Friday, August 8, 2008

What's Been Happening

We are squeezing out the last little bits of Summer. The girls will be starting school in the next few weeks, Vic going to college and MissyP has elected to attend traditional school this year, rather than being homeschooled. The jury is still out on that one, as I am not in complete agreement with her over this. But, every year, the girls had a choice to be homeschooled or attend traditional school and this year is no different. So, starting Wednesday, she will board a school bus and be on her way.

We will be adding another place setting to our dinner table, because my niece DJ is coming to live with us for a time. She will be attending the same college as Vic. For a semester or two, the girls will be local, going to a JC because Vic graduated a year ahead of schedule, there are a few 'Senior' things she has yet to how to drive. She will not be eligible for a license until February 2009. So they will take this opportunity to get their 'college' feet wet and take some general education courses.

With the arrival of my niece, we lost our classroom and my card studio.~sniff sniff sniff. I had to combine my card studio with my scrap room, which was very cozy already. Then My Man needed to use one of the tables in there and now the whole thing is just a shambles. So, I will be spending a better part of the weekend re-organizing and straightening up the scrap room. But, on a more exciting note...once my niece moves out, I will convert that space into the shabby chic studio I have always wanted...things to look forward to!

Ok. Enough of wallowing in my grief. lol! Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Thanks for the visit, be blessed!


Risa said...

Where did the summer go already?! I'm in the process of buying school clothes and the other necessities also. Isn't it a job when we have to re-locate our craft supplies but I know that when you are finished with your new room, you will love it!

Jenn said...

Can't believe school is starting...where does the time go?!?! Well I hope everything goes well with the kids and school. ANd sorry you lost your craft room, but like you said it's something to look forward too!!! :D

The Scrap Pirate said...

Your card is beautiful! I love the colors and that pattern paper. I finally got some of those little dew drop things, they are so fun and just add a nice touch.