Friday, September 19, 2008


Arrgh, Matey! Today be talk like a pirate day! I won't bore ye wit all o' me pirate banter, jest wanted t' share a giggle 'er two wit ye! Allow me the indulgence of some harmless pirate carousin' for a day 'er two, will ye? Thar be no danger in that,aye? Why not join in and enjoy tha fine tunes, I got playin' for ye on my playlist? This ain't for tha faint of heart, tho', no, so, if it's too much for ye, turn back now and visit me on another day! Savvy?

Thank ye fer stoppin' by! Enjoy yer weekend! Arrgh!


Stacy said...

You made me giggle this morning! You talk "pirate" very well! Great layouts, too!

Kim Burmeister said...

LOL! LOL! LOL! Love the pic! Wow! You write in pirate very well. I will have to tell my boys this today. I might regret it, but they will have fun. TFS!

Anonymous said...

Where to Pirates like to eat?
*Arrrrrbys :-)
OK one more
How much does it cost to have a Pirates ear pierced ?
* Buckaneer
Happy Pirate talkin day to ya Matey until lat arrrr ..

I read this on Dawn's Stampin Studio website and cracked up.

Risa said...

Great job matey!!!! lol I love what you did with the picture Barb and you have a beautiful smile!