Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Did You See It?

I'm talking about my Christmas Tree countdown over on the right sidebar. Did you see it today? There are only 100 days until Christmas. AAAHHH! Time to start shopping! I love Thanksgiving, but that is my sister's holiday to host the family so I don't make many things for that day. I will decorate my home, but I don't have to shop and meal plan or decide what activities to do. We get Christmas and we do it real BIG and of course we can't do the same things we did last Christmas, because everything is documented in a scrapbook, which someone will pull out and say 'hey! we did this last year'. Whew! I'm tired already, just thinking about it! Seriously though, we host a nice Christmas dinner, where we focus on the TRUE meaning of Christmas. I just happen to morph into Martha around this time of year and take on too much.

Martha Stewart Love you, Martha!

Ok...enough chatter...I've got to get to work. My job today is to clean the curio cabinets and purge! Humph! I'll clean them, but I ain't gettin' rid-a nothin'! LOL!

Thanks for dropping in...I'll be back later with something to share! Have a great day!


stampmonkey said...

Oh, Martha, say it ain't so! I'm SO not ready for Christmas...even though I love it. (But I think I love Thanksgiving even more...much less stress and since we moved from CA, it's one of the rare occastions where we get to spend time with almost all our family.)

Looking forward to hearing what you've got planned for Christmas -- meals and activities. ;)

Risa said...

OMG.....you sound just like me Barb!!!! I'm tired just thinking about all that I have to do!!
The carpet and furniture need to be cleaned, I have to shuffle this and that around. I wish I wasn't such a last minute person:) Happy cleaning wishes and try not to do too much, we still have 98 days left! :)