Thursday, September 4, 2008

What's Been Happening

School is well underway and the girls are getting into a routine. Patricia LOVES her new school and is still excited to get there in the morning. I guess I would be excited too if my school served breakfast every morning, had a live DJ playing the Top 40 and was offering 'shout outs to my peeps' AND would have the people in the Quad sing 'Happy Birthday' to me, on my birthday! Man! Whatever happened to just standing quietly in line, waiting to be escorted into the classroom in an orderly fashion? Am I that old?~smiles. She and a friend are planning to audition for the school Talent Show. Patricia is an awesome dancer and she is choregraphing their routine. She is also enjoying her elective this semester, which is HomeEc.

The college girls, Victoria and my niece Destiny, are cracking me up, trying to be 'grown ups' on their campus. Both of them are attending full time, I think their classes are easy, not giving them too much trouble. They sure do have a lot of papers to write. Thankfully, that is Vic's strong suit and I know she will do well. She is also taking an art class, not too sure if she likes it yet, but she is doing her best. She has completed driver's ed. and is looking forward to drivers training.

And I am very eager for Autumn to arrive. These last days have been hot and humid, very draining. I am anxious to get rid of 'summer house'. You know what I mean...sand here and there from our beach trips, towels thrown over chairs, swim suits in the laundry room sink, pool toys strewn all over the back yard and just a bit too much dust on the furniture! LOL! We get to clean all that up in the next few weeks, so I can decorate for the new season.

Tree Tree Tree Tree Tree

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Jenn said...

Hey Barb!
Glad to hear everything is going well with the girls and school! :D I too can't wait for the fall season...beautiful color and most of all cooler temps! Take care girlie! :D

Maricar said...


My kids have settled into school well too (although we don't have a DJ giving shout outs!) ...

I've enjoyed the alone time I get with each of my kids now that their schedules are all different. I walk home with Addison, I have quiet time in the car with Will, and Bekah wakes up and eats breakfast while I drink coffee.

I'm finding time to create - even if it's just simple stuff and that makes me smile.

I hope you're having as much fun as a non-homeschooling mom!

Risa said...

I'm glad to hear that your girls have settled in and that both are having a great time.

Did you say "live DJ music?" What a cool school! No one should ever say that they are bored there..ever!!!lol

Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons Barb. I'm really looking forward to wearing a jacket again and munching on my favorite caramel apple...yummy!!!

stampmonkey said...

I'm glad that Patricia is enjoying her new school -- I've never heard of such things as you described going on at school, and on a regular basis no less...sounds like a scene from a movie (and not real life). lol No wonder she's enjoying herself so much! Do you live in Hollywood by chance? ;)

Glad that Victoria and Destiny are enjoying life as college girls. With having one who just graduated, it just amazes me how fast time passes. It won't be long before they'll be graduating. Scary thought, huh.

Like Jeanne mentioned, it's starting to feel a bit like fall here's my favorite time of year and I've got my Mulled Cider candles burning throughout the house. ;) I hope fall arrives soon for you too, though from past experience in CA, I'm thinking you're at least another month away from putting away the shorts. ;) Maybe you can hide the bathing suits and towels until next summer while the girls are at school? lol