Thursday, March 19, 2009

BACKUP YOUR FILES, Ladies and Gents!

We take the time to take the photos and create the cards and digital layouts. But we often fail to take the necessary steps to insure that our memories are protected should our computers crash. Yep. It's happened to me. But...I learned my lesson and I want to share an item I had the pleasure of trying out, with all of you. Here is the review I wrote for the company...

I love my Clickfree Portable Backup HD225! When I opened the box I was impressed by the size and the color. I thought it was the perfect size to carry in my laptop bag and the color is gorgeous, a rich cherry red. I am a digital scrap booker and a card maker, so I take and save a lot of photos. I really needed something that I could backup my digital files and pics on, something that was easy and didn’t require a lot my time. The Clickfree Portable Backup HD225 is the perfect fit for me. I connected it to my laptop and within seconds, it started backing up all of my files, with NO interaction from me. I didn’t have to install any software, or follow along with any wizards. I just plugged it in and it did all the work. In fact, I plugged it in and went back to making more cards. The HD225 is amazing! It not only backed up my photos and digital scrapbook pages, it also saved my Word files. It saved my iPod music files and videos, my favorite websites and my browser lists! When the backup was complete, I got a message screen that showed how easy it would be to access my files to view them. I was impressed with the way the files were organized on the HD225, everything was very simple and quick to find. The feature that I am most excited about is, if my computer crashes, I simply plug in the HD225 and hit the ‘restore’ button and all of my files will be restored to their original location! My HD225 has 250GB of storage space, enough to store 55,000 songs, 100,000 photos or 500,000 digital documents and a price point that is very affordable. I am so pleased to have this device. This is definitely something that I will use everyday, after each session on my laptop. The Clickfree Portable Backup HD225 gives me confidence that I will never have to be concerned with losing my precious photos and digital scrapbook pages again.

I've added a link in my right sidebar that will take you to see more about the Clickfree Portable Backup Drive. Use that link if you plan to purchase the drive, because the company offers 'Deals of the Day' and special coupon codes for my blog readers. Hey! And let me know if you order one or have any questions.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful day.

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Jeanne said...

Well, this certainly looks interesting! Will have to look into it...I need a better back up system. Heck I NEED a back up system...

Risa said...

Thank you for the excellent review Barb! I NEED this system and I will definitely check out the information. Thanks for sharing:)

stampmonkey said...

Thanks for the review...and the reminder! Looks like a wonderful product, and one that I'm gonna have to check into. I haven't backed up our pics in over four years (and after having lost a year's worth before that, you'd think I'd make it more of a priority). Thanks for the kick in the pants...I needed that!