Sunday, August 30, 2009

Well Hello There!

It has been a while. I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer. I sure have and now I'm ready to get back to creating...I think. *wink* Anyway, I want to thank all of you who sent cards and e-mails or called me on the phone to check on me. All is well, I just really wanted to spend as much time as I could with Vic before she left, she leaves on Wednesday. We've been shopping for all her dorm stuff and it has been sooo much fun. She is definitely ready for school. SweetP has started back already. Both of the girls are sick right now and I really hope that whatever they've got runs its course quickly.

I don't have any of my artwork to share today, but I will share a few of the beautiful cards I received.

This first one is from my sweet friend, Lisa Stenz. I was dealing with a difficult situation and Lisa offered me a lot of wisdom and encouragement. Make sure you stop by her're in for a treat.

The next two are from my dear blog buddy, Risa. If you've never visited Risa's blog, you need to. Her artwork is amazing and she is a master with Copic markers. She sent me these two beauties. Just look at all the detail she puts onto her cards. Stunning works of art!

I am working on traditional scrapbooks right now. And so, I will probably not post everyday, but I will post regularly. Thank you so much for the visit. It feels good to be back.



Alanna said...

Good to see you back Barb. I hope you've enjoyed the last bit of your summer.

stampmonkey said...

Welcome back, and good to see you posting again! I figured you were still busy with your girls, and rightly so...this time with them is precious and is so fleeting.

Sorry you were going through a tough time (ya know, you coulda asked for prayer!), but am glad that it appears to be behind you now and that you were encouraged through it. Your sweet (and very talented) friends made you some very beautiful cards. tfs

Sarah said...

Barb! I have missed you! But I am glad you have had fun with your family. Sorry they are sick at the moment.:(
You received some beautiful cards, thanks for sharing them.
Look forward to seeing your art soon!

Dawnll said...

Barb glad to see you back also...but I stopped by to congratulate you on making design team at dzdoodles. I really like your blog and look forward to watching your projects.

Risa said...

Hello There Barb!
Welcome back to "blog land " dear! I'm glad to see you here at your second home:)
I'm glad you like your card and I hope they brought a smile to your face:)
Your first RAK is very beautiful! TFS!!!
Have a great day and safe holiday weekend. I look forward to your scrapbook page in review.
BIG Hugs

Jeanne said...

I'm a bit behind (but catching up) and didn't get to say HI when you first posted. I'm glad you have had such a great time with your girls. I have really missed your posts, but am hopeful that once school starts you'll be back to a more creative routine.