Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Christmas Cards...

Well here we are, it's December 22 and I am sure we are all prepared for Christmas weekend...right? In all honesty, I have a few more things to do and we are still not sure if we are hosting Christmas dinner or not...things have been very hectic around our house lately.

Today, I am posting the last two cards I made at Stamp Camp. If you ever have an opportunity to attend one of these, I highly recommend that you take it. I learned so much! Okay, onto the cards. All materials are from Stampin' Up! You can click on the pictures to enlarge to see details.

This first one is so cute, with that sweet little bird in the center of the wreath. Do you notice that subtle sparkle on the card? It's shimmer spray that was made using SU! Shimmer Paints! It was so easy to make and the sparkle it imparts is really something that needs to be experienced in real life! It doesn't have the texture of glitter, so it's not bumpy and it doesn't rub off as easily. Also the application was much better than the Shimmerz Spritz , which caused my card to buckle and warp. Keep that little bird in the center of wreath in mind. I have a story to share later....

This next card is my absolute favorite! I had to purchase this stamp set. It brought back memories of my young girl days when my friends and I would go to the local ice skating rink to flirt with boys, I mean skate. *Wink* Anyway...First of all...you'll see that sparkle again. I tell you, once I got my hand on that bottle, I was spraying everything! I really like the non-traditional color of this card, too. It has a very old-fashioned, nostalgic feel to it. Now look at the skaters...notice their sweaters and hats? I painted those using an Aqua Painter and a re-inker...another new technique for me. I wanted to paint the skirt and pants too, but that was not part of the Camp. That is why I bought the stamp set, so I could play with it at home...I have plans for it for Valentine's Day cards, I think.

Okay...remember the bird in the wreath card? Every season, I put a wreath on our front door. I made this one years ago. It stays nice because we have this lovely overhang that protects it.

We also have a side porch. There is usually some type of animal hanging around...cats, lizards, mice, birds, or bats. I always make a lot of noise when I open the front door because I don't want to surprise anything that might be out there. Well, I went to the door to retrieve a package, and I made my usual noises, but when I opened the door, there was a bird in the center of the wreath and it flew right in front of my face and into my house! I cannot share with you the words I uttered, but just know that I was NOT pleased. We have two birds of our own, which I had to immediately put on lock down...their wings aren't clipped. Next, I rushed around to extinguish all the candles. Then, I had to open doors and windows, remove screens and what not in an attempt to get the really scared bird out of my kitchen. We have a lot of trees and plants in our house and it was just flying from tree to tree and plant to plant. Oh, did I mention that I was home alone? Yeah...so I had to call Patricia and her friends inside to help me. After several failed attempts at bird calls, throwing bird seed around and standing with arms outstretched like human trees, one of SweetP's friends suggested we turn off all the lights. We did. And the little bird flew right out of the kitchen thru the sliding glass door. I can only imagine how we looked, not to mention how we sounded...bird calls!! The Mayor of our town lives on the hill behind us, I was so hoping that he was not sitting on his veranda! I tell you, it's never a dull moment in our house!

Thank you so much for stopping in...I really appreciate it, knowing how busy this time of year can be. I hope to be back tomorrow. Until then...



Sparkplug17 said...

Such darling cards! I love all the glitter.

Kim Burmeister said...

Cute cards, Barb! Love your bird story. Isn't it funny how it just took turning off the lights to get him to see the "light". Hee Hee!

I loved the card you sent me for Christmas. I laughed when I opened it. I am going to take it to Diane, so she can see it in person. You did a fabulous job! I love the wings!

Happy Holidays!

Sarah said...

LOL that story is sooo funny!!! I LOVE your cards. I bought some glimmer mist but I don't use it as it buckles my CS. Whatever you used I LOVE it.
Wonderful cards as always Barb..thanks so much for sharing.
Have a wonderful Christmas.

Jeanne said...

Beautiful cards, Barb! I had to enlarge the photos so I could really see the sparkle (although your pictures show it off well at their bloggie size). Wow! Gorgeous!

I have to admit to laughing inside at your birdie story. I don't think I would be a happy camper, but your telling of the story was terrific. I felt like I was there!

What do you think it was about turning off the lights that did the trick? I'm just curious.

Merry Christmas, my sweet friend! I love the card you sent us! Lots of bling! Yay!

Maricar said...

Merry Christmas, Friend.

My favorite of this set of stamp camp cards is the bird aperture one. So so precious. I might copy you!

Carolyn said...

They are all Gorgeous! Love your Header!

Merry Christmas my friend!!

Alanna said...

Your cards are absolutely gorgeous Barb. Love them.