Thursday, February 25, 2010

Computer Woes. A Cardiac Event?! And a Few Cards.

Warning:This may be a lengthy post. If you don't want to read all the hoopla, scroll down to see the cards. Go on...I won't even know!

Let's start with computer woes. All 4 of us have just works out better this way. We also have a 6 year old, very temperamental, very slow desk top, that we use for storage. SweetP's laptop was the first to go. She turned it on and all she had on her screen was a lovely rainbow of colors. She could not access any programs, couldn't even turn the computer off. We had to remove the battery to shut it down. Then I got a phone call from college student, Victoria, telling me that her computer has a virus and she couldn't access any programs either. AND, only pornographic images were popping up. NOT good anyway, but especially not good since she attends a Christian University. So, we had to make a trip to her school to retrieve her computer. That left us with two laptops...mine and My Man's. We don't touch My Man's computer, since he uses it for work and church business and we need to make sure that it runs smoothly all the time. My laptop is almost 2 years old and works great. So...we decided to give that one to Victoria; SweetP and I were to share the desktop. The main problem with the desktop is that it displays no online graphics. Kind of hard to blog hop when you can't see what's going on! But, both of the girls' laptops are in the shop and should be repaired soon. I am getting a new one as soon as I find something I like at a price I'm willing to pay.

The Cardiac event. My Man was looking a little peaked and feeling out of sorts over the weekend. He kept rubbing his chest and complaining about a dull ache, 'just hurts a little' he said. I offered to call 911~cuz I like drama!~but he declined my offer. Finally, we were all set to have a round of Wii bowling, when he started rubbing his chest and said he couldn't play. His face was flush and his breathing was rapid. I took his blood pressure, it was 198 over 118. Time to call 911? You betcha! But he told me no, so I took him to the ER where they ran a battery of tests and gave him some meds to bring his pressure down. Turns out that apart from having high blood pressure, his heart is fine. He just had some muscle strain from working out. He's been home resting the past few days and is doing great!

If you've stuck with me this far...bless you! Now on to the card.

I've been playing with my friend Caryl again. She has so many good ideas! This time we made these beautiful card boxes that hold 8 cards and envelopes. I love this color combo! All products used are from Stampin' Up!

And we made two of each style of card. I plan to make a set of these for my Mum and MIL for Mother's Day.

I have to admit, this was very time consuming and after we finished making them, we had a glass of wine! The items we used are featured in the Occasions Mini and the Sale-a-Bration catalogs. I am loving those catty's and have added a lot of new goodies to my stampin supplies.

I'm checking often for laptop deals, so hopefully I will have something soon. I want to update my blog and start posting again! I still have Valentine's to share and I made a card for Sparkle's Christmas card challenge this week, too.

Have a wonderful weekend and keep creating. I'm going to have a lot to catching up to do once I'm back in action!



Sarah said...

OH wow Barb!!!! I am so glad hubby is OK..I would have called 911 FOR SURE..that bp is too high.
Scary but I am glad everything is OK.
LOVE your cards SOOO beautiful.
You take your computer for granted until you lose them...then you feel like you have been cut off from the world LOL...GL with getting the puters fixed and finding a new one.

stampmonkey said...

OMGoodness, Barb!! I'm sooo glad to hear that your Man is okay after all. Talk about scary!

Your computer woes are far worse than I was expecting --hopefully getting them back in good working order (or a new one...or two) won't cost you an arm and a leg! Can't live with 'em; can't live without 'em --ugh!

And finally, your cards and card box project are lovely! Beautiful color combo --so soft and pretty, and I'm sure your moms will be so thrilled to receive (and use) them! tfs

Kim Burmeister said...

Wow, Barb! You have had some drama! Sorry to hear about your laptops. I would hate it, if mine was in the shop. Get a MAC!

Oh, I am so glad to hear your MAN does not have heart trouble. I am glad you got him to the ER. Take card of him. God bless!

Your card set is lovely! Great gift idea!

Sheila H said...

I am so glad for you and your family that your man is fine. That had to have been scary. Computers are great...until they don't work! Hopefully, you'll get yours back soon. Love the cards and the boxes!

Jeanne said...

Oh Barb, I'm so sorry to hear of all your woes. You've been through enough already! Dang computers! I hope yours get fixed and quick and that you are able to find a new laptop for yourself soon!

About your man. Oh my such a scary feeling I'm sure. I am SO glad it's all worked out in the end, but to have to go through all that is just not fun. Hugs to you!

Finally, your cards are beautiful! Love the serene colors and all those butterflies! No doubt the wine helped ease the frustrations from the other events you've been dealing with.

HUGS to you and lets hope life gets back on an even keel for you now!

Risa said...

Oh Barb, I am so relieved to know that your husband is going to be OK. Thank goodness the tight feeling in his chest were just muscle strain from exercising. You definitely did the right thing by taking him to the emergency room though! I wonder why men are so stubborn about going to the hospital?! Geez!
Don't mention computer woes, my main computer is starting to act up a bit and I'm foreseeing $$$ signs. It seems that whenever you have a extra dollar or two, something around the house breaks down. *shaking my head and rolling the eyes*
Both of your cards are absolutely gorgeous! I love the clean lines and your color combo and details are fabulous, especially the butterflies!
Try to take it easy and enjoy your day!