Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sharing Our St. Patrick's Day...

If you've been a reader of my blog for a while, then you'll know that I decorate for the Holidays. Not just Christmas and Halloween, but Valentine's Day, St.Patrick's Day, Memorial Day and well, you get the idea. At one time in our lives, I had amassed so many holiday decorations that we had to get one of those storage units. That is when I knew I had too much. So, over time, I've thinned things out and am happy to report that I don't buy a new item, unless I pass along an old one. There really is such a thing as "Too Much". These are just some random photos of our home and how we celebrated St. Patrick's Day. If you want to view cards...scroll down to yesterdays post. Thanks for visiting!

Let's start with our entry way table. This is the first place I begin decorating. It welcomes friends and family into our home and sets the tone for what's to follow. My brother says my house is junky with decor. He is a real minimalist...One plant. One candle. One book. I say to each is own! The entry table gets a new look each season and the table itself is one that used to be in our dining room in the house where I grew up. I like old things.

This is the cutout wall between our dining room and family room. I always wanted to put shutters in this space, like we saw in the model home, but, I haven't. Each holiday presents a challenge for this space. I usually choose items that look nice from the front-for those in the dining room and also look nice from the back-for those in the family room. I love making use of faux greenery and candles. I have several ficus trees that are strung with white twinkle lights and we use those for lighting unless we're reading or crafting. I could tell you horror stories about our $1,500 electric bills!

This is a close up of one of the David Winter cottages I used to collect. This one is called Hermit's Humble Home. I started collecting these when I first got married and I have quite a few now. I stopped collecting once Victoria was born, it just didn't make sense to spend money on them when we needed diapers and baby clothes, you know? Once we got more established, I started collecting artwork and cottages by Thomas Kinkade. I always tell my family, I know my dwelling place in heaven is going to be a cottage by a brook with lots of trees and flowers.

Some of you may know that I have a few kids that I care for after school now. Money is money, right? It's just one family and the kids are super cute, they are 5, 7, 9. Two girls and one absolutely steal-your-heart little boy, he's 5. They happen to be the children of My Man's BF and it's working out quite nicely. Anyway...I try to do something special for them, just like I do for my own kiddos. This is the centerpiece I created for them for snack time. Each of them received a bag of gold as they left for the day. Hey! I'm not crazy...three little kids hopped up on all that sugar? No way...let their Mama deal with that!!

Because I KNOW what kind of boogers they can be! I gave them shamrock cupcakes for snack. Usually we have something completely healthy, but St.Patrick's Day was special. So...this is one of my little charges...she's 7 and quite a spitfire! I gave them their cupcakes, and left the room for two minutes. When I came back she'd had a "leprechaun facial". This was SO not funny at the time, because she had been moving about the house with that green frosting on her hands and I had evidence of it all over. Once I wiped her off, she had a green haze on her face and I couldn't help thinking about the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz...

After the kiddies left, it was time to kick it into high gear and get everything ready for my family. Dinner was done. I had put the corned beef on earlier in the slow cooker and since we like our veggies raw, steaming them took only a few minutes. Table set. Candles lit. Beer opened-gotta have beer on St. Patrick's Day. Movie in the DVD player. Food on the counter ready to be plated.

Dinner is served. Traditional fare...Corned beef, cabbage, carrots and potatoes. It was SO good! In fact, My Man is bringing home another corned beef this evening and we'll have a repeat of this supper for Sunday dinner.

Thank you so much for indulging me with this post. I know my Mum and Aunties will get a real thrill out of seeing it. Perhaps a card tomorrow? Hmm...

Have a great day!

St. Patty's Corned Beef Sandwich


Kathi Carlson said...

Thank you so much for sharing this, Barb! It warmed my heart in so many ways.

For one thing, the photos of your home remind me of the house I gave up for small-space living. Silly me couldn't face empty nest syndrom in a big house. Little did I realize the "children" would land on my doorstep a few times or that there would be grandchildren. With the exception of not wanting to(or being able to) take care of such a big house while working full time, I'd give my eye teeth to have the space again.

I used to "do" all of the holidays, too. My decorations are still in storage, and I miss them as well. Perhaps, with the grandchildren, it is time to resume some of those traditions.

I love what you're doing for the youngsters you're caring for after school. The special things you do will be something they will always remember. As for the frosting fiasco, you'll probably remember that one. LOL.

Before this qualifies for a short story, I'll let you. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated this little glimpse into your world.

Take care, friend!

Jeanne said...

What a heartwarming story Kathi shared. I wish she had the space to decorate, too!

I LOVE your sharing your home with us, Barb! You have such beautiful taste. I adore how you embrace all the holidays. Confession time, when I'm out thrift store shopping, I see things all the time that make me think of you! If I knew how to ship some of them to you without them breaking, you'd find all sorts of goodies coming your way. Well...maybe it's a good thing I don't, you might not like my tastes. LOL But I do think of you and that's a fact!

I wish we were neighbors too. Then I could learn a ton on how to decorate from a master!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kim Burmeister said...

Barb, I love how you decorate and celebrate all the holidays! Your house is gorgeous. I agree with Jeanne...oh, how I wish we were neighbors. I would get to make cards with you, digi scrap with you and just have fun all the time. Your meal looks delicious!

Risa said...

Hi Barb,
I love the way you decorate your home for each of the holidays. You kind of remind me of my neighbor down the street, she decorates for every holiday as well. *ΓΌ*
Thanks for sharing a moment of your life with us, I enjoyed every moment!
p.s. I wish that you could bottle up your energy and send some to me...I could really use it:)

stampmonkey said...

Your house is so beautifully decorated, Barb! I think it's wonderful that you take the time to make every holiday something to celebrate, and I'll bet it's one of the things your family cherishes...and a tradition that your girls will carry on when they have families of their own. And like Kathi said, I think the kids you're caring for will have fond memories of their time with you...though the green frosting would've freaked me out a bit (especially as beautiful and clean as your home is! eeeek!), even though I did have to giggle a little when I read it (sorry).

Hope you enjoyed your repeat of your St. Pat's Day dinner today. ;) It looked wonderful!

Thanks for sharing so much of your personal life with us, Barb. It's a pleasure to get to know you better. And I ditto what Jeanne and Kim fun it would be to be your neighbor! ;D