Monday, September 19, 2011

Back to School!

Hey everybody! Surprise! I have a digital layout to share today...With school back in session, many of us with school-age children, may be able to carve out a block of time to get some serious scrapping done and that is super exciting to me! I always take a first day of school picture of my girls. I like how fresh and hopeful they look, I like the excitement on their faces and the anxious gleam in their eyes. Putting together a ‘first day’ page can be really fun and easy. I let my girls choose the photo they want showcased, that way I know they’ll appreciate it later, and then I choose my supplies. I try to keep my pages age-appropriate, as well. Since SweetP is in high school now, I used subtle hints of school…lined paper in the title area and small embellishments around the journaling.

First Day of 9th Grade by Barbara Walker. Supplies- template-Shabby Princess; Digital Kits:Hop Scotch, Hop Scotch School Additions, Barefoot-Shabby Princess

Needless to say, she made quite an impression with her blue braids! Everyone from, the Principal to cheerleaders, to guys on the football team, were giving her thumbs up and high fives all day. She even had lunch with the Principal for having so much school spirit! I have a picture of her with her face painted Titan Blue, also. She looks like an Avatar, and I know she would not be pleased if I showed it! LOL!

I am so glad you stopped by today. Little by little, I'm making my way back. Thank you for your patience, your e-mails and cards. Until next time...



Kim Burmeister said...

Barb, your layout is gorgeous and so is your daughter. Those braids are awesome! You are a master at digi scrapping. You inspired me to start digi scrapping and still inspire me. Your layout is perfect!

I would love to see the Avatar pic!

Jeanne said...

Barb! It's so good to see you posting and such a gorgeous layout, too! I miss seeing your creations regularly (although I shouldn't complain, since I've been really out of sight for months). Your daughter is gorgeous and I love the spirit she shows with those braids.

Here's to a great year for you all!

Sparkplug17 said...

Such a fabulous layout! I love the blue braids too! Such a fun time and fabulous school spirit.