Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Copic Markers for Card Makers - Lesson 12

Hello Friends! Lesson 12 was all about Copic storage and maintenance. As many of you know, Copic markers are an investment and it was nice to learn how to care for them and to have a peek into the storage system of the instructors for this class.

So, we are to show and share our Copic storage system. Here's a look at mine...

I use these Snapware containers that I purchased from JoAnn. It's the only system I have ever used, even when I had just a few markers. I like that it has grown with me over the years, I just add more containers as I need them.

I have both Ciao and Sketch markers and I store them by color groups.I keep the grays and blacks together. The browns go with the yellows. I have the blues with the greens and the reds with the purples.

My bottom tray is where I keep my color swatches and a supply of stamped images waiting to be colored. I like that it's see thru and I can just un-click the tray I need and grab the color I want. It's also very portable, because the top tray has that nifty handle on it.

When I'm working on a special order or a large project, I will pull the markers that I need and keep them in a separate tray. I also add an additional tray with the project pieces that need coloring. This way I can grab and go a smaller unit and take it along with me.

When I travel with my Copics, I put the entire tower inside this tote bag, and I can carry it around with the shoulder strap. It fits several trays very nicely and it has pockets inside where I can store projects or sheets of stamped images for practicing.

And that is a look at how I store my Copic markers. Thanks for stopping by today!


Snapware Snap n' Stack Craft Organizer(JoAnn)
Copic markers


Patti Willey said...

Morning Barbara! I'm enjoying this class as well and was happy to hear how easy it is to maintain and fill the markers! I'll be on the look-out for storage myself, my original purchase of a few markers is likely to grow quickly let's just hope I don't need a Bathtub to store them! (inside class joke I know you'll recognize it) Love your tower that clicks together, so handy!!

Sheila H said...

Great storage/organization tip, Barbara. TFS!

Jeanne said...

I'm so happy for you, Barb, that you've found what looks to be a terrific storage system for your beloved Copics! Very cool that you can not only take all of them if needed, but just a few as well. :)