Sunday, October 18, 2015

30 Day Coloring Challenge 3 - Day 18

Hello Friends! Happy Sunday greetings to you! Let me start by thanking Jeanne and Cheryl for their concerns regarding the flooding situation in California...I am no where near the flooding, ladies. Thank God! I do pray for all of those affected by it, though. I tell's feast or famine here in Cali. We either get no rain or too much all at once! But, thank you both so much for your concern. I appreciate it!

So, let's get to the share for Day 18. I tried another "new-to-me" technique today; Coloring on glitter with Copic markers. SUPER fun and SUPER easy. I've had these Elizabeth Crafts Designs items in my stash for more than a few years. I first saw them demonstrated when I attended CHA in 2010 and I fell in love with them. I purchased all of the supplies, put them into their appropriate drawers and never gave them another thought. Can any of you relate to that?! was the day to pull them out and give this technique a try.

I started off with these supplies:

And in less than 30 minutes, I had this...

I think it's pretty nifty, what do you think?

We had a brief burst of sunlight and I was able to snap a shot that sort of showed the sparkle. It's unbelievable! I just love it! This is definitely a technique I will try again. Maybe tomorrow!

It was very quick and easy to do. I am sharing the how-to video instead of trying to explain it step by step. But, it's really easy!

Enjoy the video!

That's all I have for today. Thanks for stopping by!


Cupcakes Peel Off Sticker(Elizabeth Crafts Designs)
Warm Diamond Silk Micro Fine Glitter(Elizabeth Crafts Designs)
Adhesive sheet(Sookwang) same as Scor-tape or Be Creative tape
Copic markers
Deckled Edge die(Nestabilities)


stampmonkey said...

Not sure where I've been...obviously not watching the news about flooding in CA. With family and friends there somewhat near you, no one had mentioned it so I don't even know what part of the state had the problem. Glad you weren't affected.

Your cupcake image is so sparkly and pretty! I watched the video and the technique looks very simple, which was nice in that duplicating the all-over glitter look wouldn't be an hour-long process. ;) Love the gold tones, your coloring looks very 'buttercream-ish,' and I'm looking forward to see what you do with your beautiful image.

Happy Sunday, and hugs to you!

Patti Willey said...

I'm sorry to hear of the flooding in CA if it's not one thing it's another! So you've been to CHA wow what a lucky girl you are! Never heard of these materials and technique but his tutorial is well done! Thank you for sharing and I bet you'll find room for this technique in Holiday Card Making!

Jeanne said...

Oh whew! I'm so glad you aren't affected! They (the news) just said the 5 Fwy was affected, but that doesn't tell me much on location! Thank you for letting us know you are okay. Now as for your image....oh my! This is the one technique that makes me SO sad to not have Copics. I would dearly love to do this!! It looks absolutely in person! I have picked up some other, less expensive, alcohol markers to try the technique and they simply do not work as well as Copics. :( In fact, one time I bought an entire set and returned it after trying this technique with them. Didn't like the look, so they went back. I cannot wait to see what else you do with this technique. That cupcake looks fantastic! :)