Tuesday, October 13, 2015

30 Day Coloring Challenge 3 - Day 13

Hello Friends! Happy Tuesday! Today, I have another faith inspired share. It's not a card! Take a look...

I'm playing with my Karla Dornacher goodies again. I just love her style! So, these are bookmarks that came in her downloadable coloring book, Garden Blessings. I love to color and her prints are so joyful, uplifting and a pleasure to color.

I printed these onto 110# white card stock, because I wanted something sturdy that I could color on with my Copic markers and not have to be concerned about bleed thru. I had the idea to create these beautiful ombre effects on the lettering and I wanted to color that butterfly in pretty shades of purple. I usually reserve the 110# card stock for card bases. And now I know why. I had a heck of a time, blending my Copics on this paper. They didn't move around like I expected them to. While I'm not 100% pleased with them, I think they turned out alright.

This is the first one I colored where I really overworked the paper to try to get the ombre effect on the lettering. I used a lot of Copic ink on this and that's never a good thing.

This one was colored with Copic markers, too and I know it doesn't look bad, but...the beauty of Copics is the ability to blend colors. After I realized the blending was so laborious, I just did 'plain old' coloring.

And since my Copics were not playing nicely, I turned to my Prismacolors and colored up a few of the bookmarks with those.

Even though I used vibrant colors, these turned out very soft and muted. You can see that this one has already been cut...yep! My daughter snagged her favorite one. These are such beautiful designs, I am going to print them onto 80# card stock and go at it again with my Copics. That's one of the many things I love about this downloadable coloring book; I can print out as many pages as I want. I don't just get one shot. My plan is to eventually print and color every page in the book, then slip them into page protectors, put them into a really nice binder and place it in the family room for all to enjoy.

That's it from me...Thanks for visiting!


Garden Blessings Coloring Book(Karla Dornacher)
card stock: 110# Neenah Solar White
coloring media: Copic markers   Prismacolor Colored pencils 


Patti Willey said...

Beautiful illsutrations by Karla Barb! I'm sorry to hear about this 110lb. card stock issue! I thought we were supposed to color with Copic's when using it as a one layer card! Hmm! So thanks for that share! I look forward to owning a new computer that will be worth my time in investing in digital "stamps" I've kept Karla's information, her artwork is right up my alley too! Cheers!

Jeanne said...

Wonderful coloring, Barb. I'm sorry the paper gave you fits so you didn't have quite as much fun as you'd hoped. But, now you know. I think the coloring looks great, but using up too much ink cannot be good. The sayings (verses?) on the bookmarks are very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

stampmonkey said...

I absolutely LOVE Karla's style and you really did a nice job coloring them, Barb! And it's awesome how you can print and re-print...and color and re-color ;)...to your heart's content. Even though you aren't as happy with it as you'd hoped {not to mention kinda pricey with all that ink used}, I'm sure you learned something in the process and I'll bet everyone would agree with me {including your daughter who already walked away with one of them -lol} that they came out really pretty. And I like your idea of putting the whole collection in a binder for instant inspiration and encouragement. Looking forward to seeing more of what you do with her printable artwork.

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Barb, you are such an inspiration, and I too have purchased this beautiful coloring book by Karla. I just love her artwork and the Scripture. And what beautiful bookmarks. I so appreciate your sharing the experience you had with Copic markers on the 110# card stock. Yes, I keep that for card bases. But I really do think these are beautiful and do see the ombre shading. So glad you are keeping up with the 30-Day Coloring Challenge. Hugs!