Thursday, May 5, 2016

Power Poppy ~ Peony Love

Hello Friends! Well, today is the 5th, that means that there is something new in the Power Poppy shop! I am always excited on the 'Fives" because I know that Marcella is going to release a new or remixed digi and I get to share it with all of you! Let's jump right in...

It's no secret that Marcy loves peonies. And, in the early 90's, she designed and illustrated mail order catalogs for Klehm's Song Sparrow Farm & Nursery. It was there that she learned a lot about the rare and wonderful plants. This gorgeous wreath of peonies that she is sharing with us today, was inspired by those hybridized by the Klehm family. Just feast your eyes on Peony Love...

Look at those luscious blooms! This circle of peonies includes various forms you might find in an heirloom garden: single and Japanese types, bombs and doubles. Isn't it beautiful and just BEGGING to be colored?! There are two lovely sentiments included in the set, as well as an accent peony. Feel free to mix it up a bit and use the images with other sentiment stamps that you have. This would be a sweet birthday card for a friend who loves flowers. It would also be lovely colored in Spring colors and sent to someone just to brighten their day. Or think about coloring this beauty with Autumn colors and using it as a Thanksgiving card. And, don't get locked into the "but it's a circle" cycle. Because it's a digi, you can 'prune' part of the wreath and have it be a 'climber' on the side of your card. You can even put that circle in a square die cut and it would work beautifully.

Due to technical difficulties, I didn't get a sample made to share with you, but some of my teammies did. So, buzz on over to the Power Poppy blog and take a peek.

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Sharli Schaitberger said...

That is a beautiful design! I just discovered peonies myself about 5 years ago. I "grew up" in the Southwest desert so they didn't grow there. When I married my beloved, I began experiencing Northern Minnesota - where we have several beautiful peony plants and they are really all over the place here! I learned the hard way that they are lovely to look at but if you bring them inside, you probably bring in the ants, too! LOL

I agree, this image could be used a lot of different ways. {{deep sigh}}

Jeanne said...

Thanks for sharing the love about peonies. Two of my neighbors have those plants. Beautiful blooms for sure. Can't wait to see your rendition once your technical issues get solved. Thanks for sharing!