Friday, June 13, 2008

Ellen's BIG Friday the 13th Sale!

TODAY is the big sale in Ellen Hutson's online store! She makes Friday the 13th a 'lucky' day. Click on this link for all the info. I've been doing business with Ellen for a while now, and I can tell you, she has quite an inventory...Lockhart stamps, which I love, COPICS!! beautiful paper packs and she stocks select CHF Backgrounders and many other items you don't need, because you have a huge stash of stuff you haven't even opened yet! just can't live without! Anything that is in stock today is on SALE for 13 hours only! The sale started at 6:00am West Coast time-and you can believe I was up and inputing my order-because once an item is gone, it's GONE! The sale will end at 7:00pm West Coast time. You will need the Promo Code, so be sure to click on the link above. I also like the fact that Ellen ships super quick. I ordered on a Friday afternoon and my goodies were on my porch the following Tuesday. Speeeeeeedy! Go on and take a know you want to! :-)

Should this post have come with an 'Enabler Alert' disclaimer?? LOL! Go on now, get to Ellen's store before all the good stuff is gone!

ETA: Want to talk about speedy service? My order that I submitted @ 6:00am this morning? Yep. Just got an e-mail that my order has been shipped! My order turned around in 6 hours! It was a nice size order,too. Yes! Gotta love that!

Happy Shopping!


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I'm on my way. Enabler! lol

Risa said...

Awwww...I missed the sale but I love to shop at Ellen's and the service is fantastic!