Thursday, June 5, 2008

Now We Are 12!

Happy Birthday, Sweet P! Being the social butterfly that she is, Patricia has plans for the entire weekend for celebrating her 12th birthday. Starting with today, we are going to her favorite local Farmer's Market for lunch and shopping. Friday is the pool party, where select guests get to sleepover (I am not a big fan of sleepovers, I tell ya'!) There was talk of a midnight swim and spa party, but the weather is not going to allow for that (Yippee!) Saturday morning is breakfast and bowling, followed by Wii game competitions. Sunday we will end all of the festivities by going to a movie. Whooo... I am tired just typing this out!! :-)

Anyway...Happy Birthday, Sweetie! Enjoy!

Thanks for visiting with me today! Be Blessed!


T. said...

Happy Birthday Patricia! Enjoy your youth :)

Risa said...

Happy Birthday Wishes to your daughter Barb!
Kids don't realize how much they can tire us out. hehe Have fun and enjoy the celebration!!

stampmonkey said...

What a wonderful mommy you are to have such a fun weekend planned for your DD's bday! (I totally hear ya on not being crazy about sleepovers -- all the more reason for you to receive the Awesome Mommy award!) I hope she and her friends had a great time...and that you're not too pooped. lol BTW, your daughter is beautiful!