Sunday, June 8, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend!

Let me just say it right now, I'm beat. Patricia had a fantastic birthday weekend. You can read here about all of her birthday plans. There was so much laughter and girl giggling, I loved it! Only 2 girls stayed over night and they were such sweet girls, it was a pleasure having them. Oh, and even though it was probably 45 or so degrees that night, those girls did go for their midnight swim! Divas!

Princess P, birthday morning, opening her gifts from the family.

This is the result of one of the games Patricia and her guests played. Something to do with mounds of whipped cream and bubble gum.

Patricia does not like birthday cake, not even cupcakes. So every year it's a bit of a challenge to come up with a dessert for her that her party guests will also enjoy. This year, Patricia decided to have strawberry shortcake, with ice cream and whipped cream. Great choice. It was a big hit with everybody.

The girls swam and sang. They danced and played games. A good time was had by all!

Thanks for stopping by. I'm going to bed! LOL!


Risa said...

Patricia looks so happy and I love her smile. Happy Be-lated Birthday Wishes to you Patricia!
The strawberry shortcake looks really yummy and I wonder how those girls managed to swim in 45 degree water?! YIKES!!!!

stampmonkey said...

Strawberry shortcake -- Yum! Sounds like you survived your daughter's birthday (and even had an enjoyable time!). I take it you didn't join the Divas in the pool? lol

Anonymous said...

Great party, looks like. A midnight swim sounds great, but at that temperature...count me out! lol.