Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I know many of you purchase Nestabilities, I see the beautiful results on the cards you post. I also know there are many sites where these tools can be purchased and I know of one place that e-mails a monthly coupon that can be used for Nestability sets. No doubt about it, that is a great deal. But what I have found about that site, is the Nesties are usually backordered, sometimes taking several weeks to be re-stocked. Well, I have the 'I WANT IT NOW' syndrome and I don't want to wait four to six weeks to get my goodies! Soooo I shop at Scrapbook Pal. They have a huge assortment of products, and they carry Nestabilities at a discount price AND they have free shipping on orders over $25! Gotta love that! The shipping is super speedy and you know before you place your order whether the item you desire is in stock or not.

Just thought I'd share.


Risa said...

Thanks for the tip Barb! I have found myself in the "waiting forever lane" also. Its great to get a deal but who wants to wait forever to get it???!!!!

Jeanne said...

Thanks for sharing, Barb! I am just like you and want it now. There is a store near me that sells them, and you'd think I'd snatch them up, but I'm cheap, er...frugal, and forking over the amount of cash for the scallop and straight edge sets about sends me over the moon. LOL I like the idea of a discount and free shipping!

Jenn said...

TFS!!! I will definately check them out!!! :D