Friday, August 22, 2008

I've Been a Busy Little Bee!

This has been one busy week! This is MissyP's second week of school and the first week for the college girls. So far no one has bus passes, so I'm the designated driver and I tell ya', driving is not my idea of fun! When I was growing up, my Grandmother never learned to drive, she had someone to do that for her. For some crazy reason, I always felt that I, too would have that same luxury...WRONG! My folks put me behind the wheel at 16, gave me the keys to my car and said, "See Ya!" and I've been driving ever since. So, my job now is to get everyone to school on time and then make the rounds for pick ups later in the afternoon.

We are no longer home schooling, which is sad, but times change and we move on. Each year the girls were given the choice to continue their education at home, or attend traditional school. This year, Patricia elected to attend traditional school-I was skeptical-but she is there now and she loves it. We had Open House and met with her teachers and they are wonderful, so now I am happy too. Patricia is in the 7th grade this year and her goal is to finish out middle school and then for high school she plans to take the GED-pass it-then move on to Culinary School so she can begin her career as "The Next Food Network Star". Honestly, the girl can cook!

The college girls are, well, college girls...fretting about what they don't have, asking to go shopping, staying up way too late, spending far too much time on their laptops...but they enjoyed their first week of school and will start getting serious about their classes in the next few weeks when things settle down.

Once I get into a routine, I will be able to have more time to create and post. I am still working on the digital calendar for my Aunt Nancy and I am just about ready to print. Click here to view the calendars I made for my folks and sissy last year. Right now, any spare time is spent blurfing!

Thanks for the visit, have a fantastic weekend!


stampmonkey said...

Now that you're not homeschooling this year, I guess we'll be seeing a lot more of your beautiful work posted here, right? ;D Unless you're having to continue spending most of your day on the road. lol

I thought you had two daughters (and only one college girl) -- did I miss something?

Risa said...

Your digital calendars ROCK Barb....I love it! I really wish that I could get a grip on digital layouts etc. One day I'm going to sit down and challenge myself.
I don't mind driving around town but I'm not crazy about driving around at night. I wish both of your daughters the best Barb. God is good and everything will be alright:)