Thursday, August 14, 2008

What's Been Happening

As you can imagine, it's crazy at my house. I am trying to get everyone and everything in order before I leave for my scrapbooking retreat on Friday. MissyP started school on Wednesday, so today is her second full day. I have to admit, she gave me just a little too much attitude yesterday, but I'll count it as 'first day of school jitters'. I told her she had one more day of that and if she did it again something was going to happen! Today was a lot better and I expect that by Monday we'll be best buds again. :)

Sooo...I still have no idea what to work on at the retreat. I've been told that we will be staying in a 6,300 square foot fully appointed mansion, complete with everything anyone would desire. That's a big ol' house! It's almost twice the size of mine and it's a single story! There will be 8 ladies in attendance, that is down from the original 10 who signed up. We will have a Creative Memories scrapbooking session, a demo and detailed instruction for using the Cricut, a CTMH card class and I don't know what else. Everyone is bringing food items and beverages to share. And I made little gifties for all of the ladies, which I will post when I return, because I know that at least 3 of them read The Buzz and I don't want to ruin the surprise. I really need to sit down and focus on what to bring now. I don't want go in there with 20 bags of items I am not intending to use! LOL!

I am rarely without my laptop when I travel, so I will probably post from there, even if it's just photos of our accomodations and the surrounding grounds.

Okay, well, I'm off to get my gear together. Oh! BTW, check out my friend, Jeanne's blog...she gave it a facelift and it is beautiful!

Hey! Make it a good one. Thanks for stopping by today.


Jeanne said...

Sounds like you are in for a great retreat! Isn't it always the way, how much extra work you have to get ready to go away for some "me" time?

I'm notorious for not being able to decide what to work on (hence, I don't do stuff away from home anymore) but does your laptop have your digi stuff on it? If so...digi scrapbook! Or...make Christmas cards and be ahead of the game.

Thanks for sharing about my blog facelift. You are SO sweet!

Have an awesome time!

Kim Burmeister said...

Wow! Your retreat sounds heavenly. Why don't you work on Christmas cards. I know it is early, but it comes faster than we expect.

I usually bring everything but the kitchen sink and find out I don't use half of it. Bring a couple of great sentiment stamp sets and make various cards. I never have get well soon cards or sympathy cards when I need them.

I am sure you will have a blast and I can't wait to see what you make.

Happy Stamping!