Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nemo Sub Layout

The lines for this ride were just ridiculous! At one point the wait time was 3 hours. We didn't wait that day. Turns out it was good thing, too, because we were a little disappointed in the ride. Gasp!

Thanks for the visit. Blessings~


Kathi Carlson said...
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Kathi Carlson said...

Disappointing ride or not, you certainly got some wonderful photos and made a great layout to go with them. Love it! As for the view from your bedroom window, I'll have so say I'm a bit jealous. Minnesota is flat . . . the trees are beautiful though, especially this time of year! TFS!!

Kim Burmeister said...

This is a great layout! I love all the pics you have on it and the water background is fabulous! AWESOME!

I love the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow by IZ. I downloaded it, so I could put it on one of my videos. Now, I am going to listen to your other songs and download some of them too. THANKS!

Risa said...

Your pictures and layout are beautiful Barb!
I'm not a person that enjoys rides because the movement makes me sick to my stomach! lol I'm glad that your family had a great time and didn't have to stand in line for 3hours!
BTW...I have tagged you:)

stampmonkey said...

Cute LO, Barb! Thanks for the heads up on the ride...good to know for next time we visit. ;)

HA! My verification code was 'OCDqvnBW' -- made me know, it's a stretch but it could be read to say "OCD queen BW" -- ya think? (Yeah, I'm weird. I have a habit of making things out of license plates, and this particular letter sequence just reminded me of your recent OCD comments. Hey, I just thought of one weird fact to put on my blog. lol)