Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Different Kind of TAG

My blog buddy, Jeanne, tagged me a few days ago with a very different kind of tag. I always like playing along with these types of things, so here goes...

These are the rules:
1. Get the book on your nightstand (or whatever book you are currently reading).
2. Open it to page 56 and find the 5th sentence.
3. Post the next couple of sentences on your blog, along with these instructions.
4. Do not go and find your favorite book, it has to be the one you are reading now!
5. Tag 5 other people to do the same.

Jeanne is reading All That Matters and it sounds like something I might enjoy. Right now, I am reading The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. It's a story about a single mom, who owns a knitting shop that hosts, you guessed it, a knitting club on Friday night. It's a tale of friendship, encouragement, secrets and heartbreak. AND...It really makes me want to knit!

An excerpt from The Friday Night Knitting Club...

"Exactly. Now you're getting it. I want to look like that model. Only in a gown. A tight gown." The blonde leaned over to whisper in Georgia's ear. "And we won't hesitate to play up my decolletage, will we? Show it off a bit."

She walked around the store, arms outstretched. "Oh, it's so precious, Georgia. I love how you stay small to keep that homey feel."

Who was this woman? Georgia felt inadequate and stupid, as though she had a mysterious hangover but couldn't remember drinking.

I gave you a little bit extra as a teaser! Happy reading!

So, I'll tag...Risa, Jenn, Ramsey, Laurel and Nona.

This was fun! It is so interesting to see what everyone is reading. Feel free to share what YOU are reading in the comments section. Thanks for stopping by today!



Anonymous said...

Now I so want to read that book. My problem is which book to pick up that I am reading. I am doing three at once. Ladies Of Liberty by Cokie Roberts, The Lion of Jordan about King Hussein of Jordan or Extreme Measures a thriller. I love to read and have a huge stack to get through. Thanks for sharing. Susan

stampmonkey said...

This sounds like a good book. At face value, it kinda reminds me of the Yada Yada Sisters series by Neta Jackson -- I LOVED those books! tfs

nonapearl said...

I did my tag! =) Nona (

Jeanne said...

Barb, I want to read this book!!! Go read by latest blog post (Friday) to see why...LOL

Thanks for playing IS fun to see what everyone is reading. Ü

Anonymous said...

I love this book! Do you know if she wrote any others?

By the way, I really like your blog. Thanks for sharing all that you do.

Jeanne said...

I couldn't resist...I just started reading this book last's all your fault (not really, honest)! I have so little resistance when it comes to books...or paper crafty stuff...or chocolate...

Risa said...

Wow....this is a different yet fun type of tagging game Barb! Thanks for tagging me although I might have to "doctor up" my page a bit if the pages are too steamy! LOL I'm currently reading Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris (vampire type book) based on the HBO hit True Blood.