Friday, February 20, 2009

The Girls To Dance at Disneyland!!

The girls have a fabulous dance instructor! We just love him. He is as much of a Disney geek as I am, so we get along real well! Not only did he work at Disneyland as a youngster, in the parades, he also starred in the Disney Production of Beauty and the Beast...he was the handsome prince. Yeah. Enough about that. ;D Anyway...he has made arrangements for the students in his dance studios to spend a day at Disneyland, and part of that day will be spent with Disney choreographers, learning new dance techniques! This is probably a once-in-a lifetime opportunity for them. I don't know who is more or the girls. Of course My Man and I will be going, too. I don't think we can take photos though, since everything will be behind the scenes and we have to protect the "Disney Magic". But if I can...I certainly will!

I put a little Mickey Mouse countdown head in my sidebar. See? Can you tell I'm excited? If you haven't already, please visit my Disney blog. I'm slow on posting, but there are about 20 layouts over there. I am sure this trip will motivate me to create more.

Valentine balloons


Kim Burmeister said...

Hip Hip Hooray! This is so awesome! I hope you can pics of something, so we can see more layouts.

Jeanne said...

What fantastic news! I'm sure you ALL will have a blast. Would love to see pictures, but if not, you'll share what you can, I'm sure.

Hugs to you AND your girls on this wonderful opportunity!

stampmonkey said...

What a special and awesome opportunity -- VERY exciting! Go girls!!

Risa said...

Oh my goodness...your girls are so lucky! I see your Micky Mouse widget and it won't be long before you and your family visit Disney Land. I know that you all will have a great time and if you are able to take pictures, I can't wait to see your awesome layouts.