Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

I was reading in my CK magazine, the Founder's Note and in it she quoted Dale Cook, who said, "...Stop and take a minute to think about those who came before us. They had families too, dreams of their future, for their children, of generations to come. We are the reality of those dreams. We owe it to them, to remember them." That made me pause and really think. Memorial Day. Memory Day. Remember Day. It actually became a little overwhelming. Mr. Cook is right you know, we ought to stop and take that minute to think about those who came before us and what they endured, so that we could have the lives we now live. I hope everyone has a very special Memorial Day. Debbie has summed up things quite beautifully on her blog with this lovely tribute.



Risa said...

You really have a way with words Barb and you are so right! Thanks for sharing the link and I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend.

Big Red Scraps said...

Great advice! Come visit my blog, I have an award for you.