Thursday, October 2, 2008

How Sweet!

My blog buddy, Jenn gave me this cute award today! Isn't it sweet? I {heart} cupcakes, so getting this one is real treat! If you haven't visited Jenn's blog before, take a minute to stop by. Her artwork is the cutest, it always inspires me and makes me smile. She also just announced that she is going to be one of the designers for Paper Pretties for the next three months, so if you drop by, be sure and tell her congratulations!

And Jenn, I send this award right back to YOU for all the sweet comments you've left me and for sharing your pretties with us.

I wanted to share this sweet award with a few of my other buddies. Feel free to post it in your blog or not. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all of you who visit my blog regularly and leave me such wonderful comments, suggestions and encouragement. Thank you so so much!

I am sharing this award with:

  • Risa-I couldn't Copic color without her continued guidance. Her artwork is amazing!
  • Kim-I have learned so much from her informative tutorials. Great cards!
  • Jeanne-I always feel 'at home' on her blog. Beautiful cards and gorgeous layouts.
  • Christi-I love the warm family feel here and the awesome artwork.
  • Debbie-Always, always leaves me the sweetest comments and encouragement. Lovely creations here, so very inspiring. Another Copic coloring coach!
  • Nona-VERY talented! Lovely cards, wonderful layouts, fabulous tutorials.
  • Marjorie-Great color challenges, beautiful layouts, very nice cards!
  • Kathi-Her artwork is very nice, I can always find inspiration here.
  • Rica-I am in awe of her creations. Everything is so lovely!
  • Ramsey-She has it all...great cards and layouts. She's funny, too!

I really could just go on and on and on. I would have awarded Laurel and Stacy, too, but I know they've already received it. Just visit these ladies' blogs. I guarantee you'll be inspired too.



Heather said...

WOW WOW WOW .............
Thank you for the you compliment, Barbara, I am so honoured, you've made my day. I've sat watching your slide show in awe - you've inspired me with your wonderful cards. I have a friend who is Johnny Depp mad - I'll be sending her over to see you.
Hugs Heather xxx

Marjorie said...

You are too sweet ^_~ you definitely deserve this award! Thanks for tagging me with it and making me smile!!

Risa said...

Hey there Barb!

Congratulations on the super cute award! You are very deserving of it!
Thank you for the awarding me as well, I am very honored. Thank you so much:(
p.s. I gave into temptation and started reading Twilight! I had planned to make a couple cards a day this week. But once I got into that book.... I was hooked!!!
It is definitely a GOOD book:)

stampmonkey said...'re so sweet to pass this on to me! You totally deserve this award, Barb, so I'm glad that it was given to you. That cupcake is too cute. ;)