Wednesday, October 14, 2015

30 Day Coloring Challenge 3 - Day 14

Hello Friends! So here we are,'s it going for you so far? It's been horrendously hot in my neck of the woods and I'm afraid I haven't been keeping up with my water intake, so I'm a bit dehydrated. Translates to...I'm not feeling very well.  So, I'll be brief.

I did do a little coloring, because that always soothes me. I reached for my stack of printables and I selected a page from the Garden Blessings downloadable coloring book, by Karla Dornacher. Fun fact: I always post my projects on Instagram. And yesterday, I posted the bookmarks that I colored from this coloring book. Well, guess who stopped by and left a sweet comment? Yep! Karla Dornacher, herself! I was thrilled to have her acknowledge what I had done with her illustrations. I always love it when the artists stop by for a visit.

Alright, onto today's share. I printed my page onto a piece of smooth white card stock and colored it with Copic markers. I really like how it's coming along. Hopefully, I can complete it tomorrow.

I tell you what...I am so over these blurry photos! They are sharp and clear until I put them into my post and right before my eyes, they go blurry! What is up with that?! If you click on the image, it will be clear for you. I apologize for the inconvenience. I'm not sure why it's happening. Any ideas?

And here is a close-up...

And this one is crystal clear! Oh my goodness. At least you get a nice look up close. Don't you just love Forget-Me-Nots? Such a beautiful little flower with a wonderful night time fragrance. It's also the state flower of Alaska. Okie dokie...that's it for me.

Time for me to rest now. Thanks for stopping by!


Garden Blessings Coloring Book(Karla Dornacher)
card stock: 80# Neenah Solar White
coloring media: Copic markers  


Jeanne said...

Oooh, very pretty so far, Barb. I hope you got your self hydrated so you feel better. It's been hotter than normal here, too. Golly! Not that I wish for bad weather, but it could cool down a bit now that it is fall, right? Keep up the excellent work!! Hugs!

stampmonkey said...

So sorry you weren't feeling well today. Hope you start chugging the water from now really does make a big difference. Hope it cools off there too. Your coloring on this image is coming along beautifully. I really like the colors of the flowers. Looking forward to seeing it completed.

Hugs to you!

CherylQuilts said...

Ah, Barb, so sorry that you weren't feeling well a couple of days ago - I hope you are feeling better! And what a delight to see your beautiful page from Garden Blessings. I've been needing some mojo, and you've sparked it, my friend. I think I shall print out some and sit and color. Just what the "doctor ordered" for me. And as to photos, well, I know that if I don't hold my camera still, I get fuzzy photos. But that may not be the case for you. It's lovely no matter what! And I look forward to seeing the completed page! Tender hugs!