Sunday, March 28, 2021

Stamp Joy Cards!

Hello, Friends!

Happy Sunday! I hope you are enjoying your day. It's a beautiful one here in my neck of the woods. I spent a little time outside soaking up some good vitamin D!😁

Well, Stamp Joy is all over for now and I had a blast! The event was very well organized, the classes were perfectly paced, the instructors and special guests were engaging and I learned some new techniques that I know I will become steady staples in my card making tool box. I hear that there are more Taylored Expressions virtual events to come! You can count me in!

If you've never attended a virtual stamp event here's a bit more about my experience with Stamp Joy.

Most of the supplies, including all of the stamps, all of the card stock, stencils, specialty adhesive, even envelopes for the cards were included with our registration. For an additional fee, random supplies were bundled into very affordable packets; things like glitter, Karin markers and ink cubes. Those items were optional but recommended to achieve similar results with the techniques and cards being showcased. And we got a goodie bag! It was loaded with fun stuff too, including a cute rainbow wall hanging. If you look at my previous post, here, you can see it displayed on the wall of The Hive. The classes were on Facebook LIVE and then they are available later on to re-watch as many times as you want. That's what I did. I watched the LIVE, then when I was ready to make a particular card, I went back and watched the replay, where I could pause, fast forward or back up, if I wanted to. During the LIVE there is constant chatter in the comments section and the instructors are also interacting with the attendees. Chatting with other attendees, is optional, but it's really fun! There are also LOTS of prizes being given away all weekend long! It was fun, stress free learning zone and I am really liking this format. 

And now, here is a sampling of the cards I created this weekend...


Rainbows were the theme of the weekend! The four rainbow cards pictured here are from one class. We learned SEVERAL different ways to use this one stamp set. It was pretty cool, actually. I don't consider myself a 'stamper'. If you've seen my work, I color images and then design a card around that image. Stamping is different and doesn't really come easy for me so that is why I appreciate these type of events. I can learn at my own pace. And Honey, let me tell you, I am slooooooow!🐌LoL! But once I get it, I've got it and then I can run with it. These cards were super fun to make! And while they may look simple, they entail a lot of techniques; dry embossing with a stencil, glitter dipping, glitter glaze, watercoloring with Karin markers, masking, embossing, ink blending and more. Fun! Fun! Fun! And I still have other cards to make!😵

So, that's all I have to share today. I thank you for visiting. Wishing you all good things. Have an awesome week!




Jeanne said...

Wonderful cards, Barb! I'm so glad you enjoyed your weekend. That rainbow wall hanging is really cute. It also gave me a chance to look at this station in your Hive again and more closely. I never knew you didn't consider yourself a stamper. I never even thought about how you make your cards. That's fascinating. I'm so glad you were able to learn some fun, new techniques. I look forward to seeing you run with them. :) Oh...did you know that Joann's has some decor that is bee and hive themed? My girls and I were there yesterday and I kept saying, I'll bet my friend, Barb, would love these. :D Have a fabulous day!

Sheila H said...

I love these, Barb. You made a delightful variety of styles. Looks as if you really enjoyed yourself!